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Bluegrass Doctors of

Physical Therapy, PLLC


"Where should I start?  Well I was referred by a friend that has been telling me to see Dr. Bray for at least a year.  I started having headaches that were debilitating; time off work, time away from my girls and husband, and time away from things I love to do.  I don't know what triggered them but have tried several things to help.  I figured I was just going to have to learn how to deal with migraines in my life now.  My friend was persistent and I finally called.  I spoke with Pam that was incredibly in explain everything to me and re-ensuring me that I was making the right decision.  After my first appointment I had relieve and didn't have a migraine that week.  This was the first time I haven't had a migraine in a week!!   I asked my friend why she didn't drag me their by my feet and joked about how Dr. Bray could then fix her back.  Each treatment seems to be helping more and more.  I am thankful my friend was persistent in talking about how Dr. Bray has helped her and I final listened.  


Taylorsville, KY

"Dr. Bray has been a lifesaver.  I have been living with TMJ pain for years, barely able to open more than a pinkie width.  I have seen many dentist, tried many different treatments and none have worked.  I have seen Dr. Bray a few times now and have been able to open farther after each visit.  I know it will still take some time but he has been a blessing. I also had him look at my shoulder I hurt after pickle ball and after 1 visit it was better.  I can not tell you how much of a blessing it has been to find Dr. Bray.  Thank you!!"


Louisville, KY

"I was so impressed with my first visit and initial conversation I wanted to leave a testimonial. I have had facial pain and TMJ for a long time and also anxiety. From the initial call where I talked with Pam, who you can tell truly cares about you and what you are going through, to the initial appointment with Dr Bray. This was such a great experience. He literally blocks the entire time for JUST YOU. This is UNHEARD OF. I felt so comfortable and very low anxiety. There weren't tons of people running around the office and his attention was completely on me and my problems. I am so grateful to have found this office! He really knows what he is talking about and is very easy to talk to.  I can already tell a difference in my pain after the first visit. THANK YOU DR BRAY AND PAM!!!!!!" 


                                                                                                                            Louisville KY 

"I was referred to Dr. Bray by a friend, and I wish that I would have gone to him to begin with. I have chronic back issues and was close to going into a surgery consult because of the pain. Dr. Bray developed a plan with me and after my first appointment with him, I could tell a difference. I have been able to avoid surgery, cut down on medications, and got back to running this week. I still see Dr. Bray, and will always recommend him highly. I had seen everyone from a sports med dr, to a chiropractor, to a sports chiropractor, to a pain specialist. Dr. Bray was professional, kind, and I could tell he truly cared about getting me back to normal. I'm excited to get my life back. Thank you Dr. Bray!"


                                                                                                                                             Louisville KY 

"I was suffering with headaches and facial numbness due to TMJ and was referred to Dr Bray for treatment. He provided excellent care and is a delightful person! Very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him for any TMJ issues." 


Louisville KY

"Dr Bray has been a life saver.  I have been in pain for over 20 years and didn't know what else to do.  A friend recommended me seeing Dr. Bray and I put it off for almost a year.  I wish I hadn't!  My pain has been reduced significantly and managed for well over 3 months now after seeing Dr. Bray.  I am now able to do things I haven't done in years. I'm hoping after the pandemic I will be able to travel since this has been a dream of mine and I didn't think it was possible until I met Dr. Bray.  Thank you!!!"


Louisville KY

"I have suffered from TMJ since I was a teenager; bite guards, different sleeping positions, and exercises.  NOTHING worked.  I am thankful I found Dr. Bray online and decided to try.  After several treatments I am able to open my mouth bigger and not have pain.  He has also helped me with my headaches and bad shoulder.  He is my go to fix it guy now when I hurt myself.  First call.  He has been professional, kind, and knowledgeable.  His staff is wonderful, I love Pam; and his office is clean and relaxing.  I highly recommend Dr. Bray to fix what ever feels broken."  


Louisville, KY

"My experience with Dr Bray was quite enlightening. Over the years I have been to many physical therapists, chiropractors, etc. I had good results at the time for those problems but when my problems became so bad that the "usual" therapies didn't seem to be working, I didn't know what to do. My friend had a good experience with him and therefore I called. I really appreciate his holistic approach to care. He pieced a lot of things together for me that I have quite honestly never thought were part of my overall problem. He directed me to other professionals to continue to work on other issues I was having. I honestly believe this approach will be much longer lasting than any of my previous treatments. He was honest from day one about there would be no "magical cure" but that through persistence I could start to get my life back. Thus far he has been correct. I am so appreciative of his knowledge and his great personality. I would encourage anyone with stubborn problems to go see him.

-E. S.

-Erlanger KY

"When I was a child I was diagnosed with Polio. Due to polio I had two surgeries and have worn several types of braces and shoe lifts in my lifetime. As anyone with Polio knows, as time goes on, your body starts to get weaker and weaker with the aches and stiffness in your muscles and especially the loss of muscle mass. This is known as Post Polio. If you want relief from what I have just mentioned, in the above statement, you need to see Dr. Patrick Bray. My right leg with polio was the worst and now with his treatment and expertise I am starting to put “some muscle mass” on my knee area and my leg is starting to wake up and function. Not to mention Dr. Patrick Bray has given me relief in my neck, shoulders, left arm, lower back area and left leg. I can’t thank Dr. Patrick Bray enough. Note: 01-25-2020 Saturday. For the very first time I could raise my left leg off the floor a couple inches while I was doing my floor exercises. This has not happened since I was a teenager. Thank you Dr. Bray for everything. I would recommend anyone with issues go see Dr, Bray!!!"


-Bardstown KY

"Dr Bray is the guy you call in the bottom of the 9th and need a home run. He has fixed so many of my physical problems in the past, and so quickly, usually because I am wanting to do some activity which I end up hurting myself yet again. I am so thankful for finding him. In all honesty, his skill set is unmatched in physical therapy, and his professionalism is outstanding. I wish there were more like him."

-P. E.

-Louisville KY

"I had been having horrible migraines, and neck pain for a long time. I have tried a lot of medications and chiropractic. This didn't help much plus, my stomach was bothering me so badly from the drugs. I got Dr Brays card from a friend of a friend. I decided to give his approach a try. I am only into my 3rd treatment and I have only had ONE headache in 3 weeks! I know it will take me a little longer to get everything under control but I am so pleased with my results this early in the game."

- K. E.

New Albany IN

"I was in a bad accident years ago and hurt my spine to the point they thought I may be paralyzed. Luckily I can walk, unfortunately it left me with horrible neck spasms and headaches. I have been literally almost everywhere. I went to John Hopkins, Cleveland, Mayo, etc with not much relief. I found Dr Bray through a friend. He was extremely knowledgable of anatomy and was able to make a treatment plan that I can actually say works! I went from pain and headaches EVERY day to once a month. This is amazing. If you need neck pain and headache relief call him!!!!"

-L. C.

-Bowling Green KY

"I have seen Dr Bray on and off for a year now for various ailments of mine. I admittedly hurt myself a lot in my athletic pursuits and he is always there to put the pieces back together. He has a lot of credentials, is incredibly knowledgable about many things, but most of all he is a healer. He just knows where to work on you to get maximum results in the quickest way possible. My friend always called him her miracle worker. Either way, I am glad he is nearby to pick up the pieces of my broken body!"

-S. F.

-Louisville KY  

"A friend recommended I come see Dr Bray after I began having headaches after a car accident 6 months ago. I will admit I am quite skeptical of the medical field in general and was definitely skeptical during my initial visit with him. All that skepticism was put to rest after the first visit. I could immediately tell a difference. I was having about 5-6 headaches a week and after just 4 visits I can now say I am headache free! It is so amazing to be playing with my children again and not have to go pop pills or lay down because my head hurts. His treatments were very different from anything I had experienced in the past but he went into great detail about everything we was doing and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. Time well spent, money well spent. Simply amazing. I have my life back!"


-Evansville IN

"Dr Bray is truly a miracle man. I hurt my back severely a few days ago moving a large piece of furniture. I literally couldn't move from the floor it hurt so bad. I was in the fetal position basically. My wife called his office and he did a house call. His needling is truly a medical miracle. I can move without pain, and without crying. I am so appreciative of this man. He is one of a kind. He really cares for people. Thank you Doc!"

-K. G

-Louisville KY

"I cannot say enough good about Dr. Bray. His clinical knowledge of the human body is amazing. Over the past 20 years, I've sought treatment for TMJ, hip, groin and knee problems from practitioners of various modalities. While these modalities helped manage symptoms, they were only bandaids that provided relief for a short period of time. Dr. Bray is the FIRST practitioner (out of dozens) who correctly identified and successfully treated the root cause of my TMJ, hip, groin and knee problems. Dr. Bray is brilliant and a rare gem for the city of Louisville, state of Kentucky and this region."


-Louisville KY 

"I came to see Dr Bray after seeing his website. I have experienced TMJ symptoms for a long time and had many treatments from the more mundane to the outrageous. I have to admit that speaking with Dr Bray during my evaluation was a breath of fresh air. He has so much knowledge about the body, and how everything works, its mind blowing. He is also completely truthful and down to earth, and can even make you laugh at times. I am truly appreciative for his treatments and expertise. I have since referred most of my family for various ailments. If you are hurting, please call him. Don't give up hope. There is help."

-K. R

-Louisville KY

"I have never met anyone in the healthcare field like Dr Bray. He constantly researches and learns new techniques to help with my pain. He is relentless about helping his patients and we benefit from this! He explains everything in a thorough manner and is always open to answer questions I may have. While I know my issues are quite complex I couldn't have asked for any better service."

-G L.

-New Albany IN

"I have been having TMJ issues/pain for quite some time. I internalize my stress and clench my teeth. Dr. Bray has helped me so much in teaching me how to distress, deep breathe, and do several exercises in addition to the dry needling. Dr. Bray cares so much and he has helped me with my TMJ issues and overall stress issues. I highly recommend Dr. Bray."


-Louisville KY

"I hurt my knee during an ice-skating accident and further aggravated the problem by running. Before finding Dr. Bray, I’d visited sports doctors, chiropractors, and orthopaedic surgeons who said the issue was due to inflammation or incorrect shoes and the solution was Ibuprofen. This didn’t get to the root of the problem. Dr. Bray was able to diagnose the issue and discovered muscular damage which is treatable with dry needling. Dr. Bray is thorough, careful, and kind. I highly recommend his care. If you’re an injured runner, don’t bother “pushing through the pain” to get better. The right doctor of physical therapy is a much smarter option."


-New York, NY

"Dr. Bray is fantastic! No treatment has helped me more with my chronic migraines than the dry needle therapy. Would definitely recommend to anyone with chronic pain, Dr. Bray knows what he's doing, is very personable, and explains everything in an understandable way. These treatments have made a huge difference in my quality of life."

-R. L

-Tulsa OK

"My son has been seeing Dr. Bray since Feb of 2017. Dr. Bray has done an amazing job working with him. He has taken time to explain what he is doing and why. Most importantly he cares about the progress my son is making. It's rare to see a Physical Therapist so dedicated. I would highly recommend using him. I certainly appreciate all the hard work and time Dr. Bray has invested in my son. Thank You, Dr. Bray!"


-Louisville KY 

"We laughed, we cried, we kissed my problem goodbye. Seriously, no crying. And the health issue I went to see him for was resolved over the course of treatment. It was done so in the time period and using the methods he described during my initial consultation. I couldn't have been happier with his treatment. oh and we did laugh, a lot..."


-Louisville KY 

"Simply not enough stars to accomadate how amazing Dr Bray is! I was told a risky surgery with complicated side effects was my only option, within 3 weeks of treatment with Dr Bray I was walking unaided and was virtually pain free. His genuine concern, patience and willingness to find a solution that worked for my specific lifestyle on a schulede that worked for my needs is simply unmatched in the medical field. A brilliant clinician with compassion and true caring!"

- E.H.

-Louisville KY 

"Incredibly thorough evaluation (almost 2 hours), Answered all my questions with detailed answers, and extremely compassionate man. I can tell a positive change right after the initial visit. I know I have a long road ahead but I feel I have finally found someone who appreciates his patients and truly cares about the job he does. I recommend him with the highest regard."


-Shelbyville KY

"I came to Dr Bray for HA's about 3 months ago. I now see him for much more, as my headaches are completely resolved!

Dr Bray lives what he teaches, and does what needs to be done. I love how every session is unique to my specific needs (IE aches and pains) of the day. I really love his straightforward funny style. Makes me feel completely comfortable. Highly recommend!!!!"


-Louisville KY 

" I have been dealing with neck and TMJ pain for over 20 years seeing many physical therapists over the years. Dr Bray was able to provide me with relief to my chronic pain with dry needling. He is knowledgeable, skilled, caring and funny. I highly recommend him!"


-Louisville KY 



I have suffered from chronic migraines/headaches & teeth grinding for many years. In the past two years alone, I've literally spent thousands of dollars on bite guards & botox injections in my jaw to relieve these symptoms; however, NOTHING helped. My pain reached a point where it was having a HORRIBLE impact on my daily life and my ability to perform at the level in which I'm accustomed.


About three weeks ago, I was referred to Dr. Bray for his dry needling therapy. I'll have to admit that the sound of the therapy alone didn't sound too enticing, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I will be the first one to admit that it takes a session or so to get acclimate to the process, but it has literally turned me around and got me back onto the right track within the past 2.5 - 3 weeks. THIS IS HONESTLY THE MOST RELIEF I'VE HAD IN YEARS!!!! I simply can't wait to see what the end result is after I finish the full round of treatments!!!


My jaw muscles were so inflamed that I always looked like a squirrel with a mouthful of nuts. After the first couple of visits, those muscles had released/relaxed/decompressed (insert technical term here) and are laying down so much flatter. Dr. Bray told me this would be one of the added benefits of the treatment, but I had no idea it would happen this quickly.


Dr. Bray's bedside manner is second to none. He's most accommodating, creates relaxing environment for his patients, and is very attentive to your needs during his therapy treatments. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have met Dr. Bray and to have received the AMAZING benefits of his service!

P.S. - I'm not the type that enjoys writing reviews, but I want all TMJ sufferers to know about this treatment because I know all too well how frustrating it is to find something that doesn't just "work", but actually helps put you on a path to recovery."


-Louisville KY

"Throw all preconceived notions about regular physical therapy out the window. Had a great, unique and top notch experience with Dr. Bray. From the office itself, to his staff and even the man himself. He is completely trustworthy, honest, and fair in his assessments. He offers a wide variety of interventions that I can say are quite different but extremely effective. I will be coming back in the future for all my physical needs as well as referring my friends and family!!"


-Louisville KY

" I've been seeing Dr. Bray for several weeks. I have seen huge improvements in such a short period of time. After my first treatment my range of motion improved significantly. Dr. Bray is kind and patient and by far the best therapist ever. He is someone whom I trust and I know he is the best in his field. I will be a life long patient and would highly recommend to anyone who needs to see improvement in their overall health!"


-Louisville KY

"When I started running in 2007, I had significant calf pain for the first 3-4 miles of every run. In spite of it, I've completed 8 marathons, several half marathons and countless races of shorter distances while training through the pain. Over the years I've sought out treatments to help minimize the pain (massage, intense stretching, ART, Graston, etc.), which helped shorten the time frame over which I had pain, but never truly made it go away. A friend and former physical therapist referred me to Dr. Bray as someone she would trust to treat her. This was one of the few treatments I hadn't tried and I decided to give it a shot. After a few treatments the pain started to subside and I can now say I run pain free! I now go back periodically for a treatment to make sure everything is cleared up and thoroughly enjoy all of my runs from start to finish instead of dreading the first 4 miles. Shorter training runs are now fun and I can work on speed goals instead of just suffering through them and I'm looking forward to training for the Chicago marathon this fall. It's a relief to run pain free after all of these years!"


-Louisville KY 

"I have seen Dr Bray on and off for about 2 years now. Usually the times when I break myself and I need him to fix the pieces. What I have always been impressed with is his uncanny ability to remember details about my life and family as if we had been friends for years. He always spends a great amount of time with me no matter how complicated my issue may be at the time. I truly appreciate his humanistic approach to therapy."

- C. P

-Louisville KY 

"I have known Dr Bray since he first came out of school. I now know I am so lucky that I know him. At the insistence of my family doctor I went to a few different providers over the last 6 months for my tennis elbow, which frankly just would not go away. Quite honestly I was let down on multiple occasions, not just from the lack of outcomes I received but the overall style of care. I felt, well, like an animal in an assembly line. I was with three different therapists during that time, and they ALL (different companies mind you) had the same routine for me. Really? is there a cookie cutter program for tennis elbow? Apparently in the mainstream there is. I then did my search to find Patrick again. I was delighted when I saw Bluegrass Doctors of PT. I was able to schedule an appointment online, and after the initial eval and treatment I can tell such a huge difference in my pain and improvement in my function. He truly individualizes each persons treatment and won't reinvent the wheel on you. I will never stray again! Seriously, try this practice out, there is a huge difference!"

K. F.

-Louisville KY

"I am writing a testimonial, not on what Dr Bray DID do, but what he DIDN'T do. When I was diagnosed with a rare disorder, that affects my muscle system, I felt I had exhausted all my options. However, I came across the website and decided to go in for an evaluation. What I am so impressed with is what he DIDNT do. He DIDNT lie to me, he DIDNT give me the usual spiel of "this will cost millions but I can fix you" stuff. He DIDNT make me wait in the waiting room. He DIDNT ACT like he was listening to me he ACTUALLY listened. When the EXTREMELY THOROUGH evaluation was finished he told me the truth about what he could and couldn't do for me, and I appreciate that. He is a man of true integrity. I appreciate this completely. While I am not seeing him for a treatment protocol I wholeheartedly appreciated his advice and know that he is available any time to me for consulting. This is unheard of. Anyone, who needs advanced skills in PT, I have no doubt this is the place for you. His guidance and expertise is unsurpassed. What a pleasurable experience. Thank you Dr Bray!"

-S. K. B

-Louisville KY 

"In December 2016, I was having extreme pain related to post-pregnancy pelvic issues. Dr. Bray was an absolute life-saver! Not only was he incredibly quick to work me in, understanding that I could barely walk or move without extreme pain, but he was a total professional and knew exactly how to treat my pain. Dr. Bray didn't spend our session asking me to stretch and do exercises like other physical therapists have in the past, instead he worked hands-on with me the entire time. Dry needling was a new experience for me and the results were amazing! Thank you, Bluegrass Doctors of PT, for not only making me feel better, but also for giving me the peace of mind to know that when I need relief, you will be able to help!"

-J. N. S

-Louisville KY 

"For Years I looked for "the best" therapist, to try and help me with my chronic pain. YEARS. Well, I have finally found him. Dr Bray is definitely not your everyday average Joe DPT. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and very very approachable....(read: the BEST). He never makes me feel that he is rushed, or that I am bothering him (like so many other experiences I have had). His staff is the most friendly, and polite people I have met, and they even serve snacks and coffee! The whole experience was great. I am so lucky I did not give up. There are people out there who care. I just had not found that person. Now i have. Give this practice a try. I am pretty sure you will be amazed. Thank you so much Bluegrass Doctors of PT!"

- L. M.

Louisville KY

"On March 2016 I suffered a skiing accident and I tore my ACL, MCL and I also had a patellar fracture. I had ACL reconstruction surgery in April 2016 and began Physical Therapy at a local place recommended by my orthopedic surgeon. After 3 months of PT, I noticed that I wasn't improving and that I was not recovering well. Knowing that Physical Therapy is very important to recover from an ACL tear and surgery, I began researching and looking for help. A friend of mine recommended me to begin therapy with Dr, Bray. Dr, Bray was willing to take the challenge of my difficult case. I was way behind my recovery and not only my knee but my whole leg was a mess. He has helped me tremendously! Now I am walking better, feel stronger, recovered my knee flexion and extension and even though I am not yet to a 100% in my recovery, I can truly say that if I am doing better is because of Dr. Bray's. Even today I began jogging for the first time since my injury. Please, if you have a sport related injury make sure you seek the best Physical Therapy care so that your recovery is smooth. I highly recommend Dr. Bray!"

- M.T.
Louisville KY 

"How did I find Dr Bray? A patient of mine made a comment about my colorful ASICS running shoes (they looked like clown shoes) which were the only shoes that gave any relief from the foot pain I had for a year. The only shoes I could walk in without excruciating pain. I have an excellent PT but conventional therapy was not touching my foot pain. My patient mentioned Dr Bray and his needling technique and felt for sure he could help. She was absolutely correct. After the first session of needling there was relief for the first time and it has continued to improve with further treatments. Dr Bray is quite knowledgable and personable (you have to be if you stick needles in people). I find the minimal discomfort far outweighs the relief I get from each session. I only wear my ASICS to the circus now!"

-J.W. MD

-Louisville KY

"As a Captain in the US Navy, I know a thing or two about specialty units. You just don't send in a wet nose to do a SEALs job. I have been through both civilian and Military therapists and docs after I had a back injury when I was stationed in Iraq in 2003. Let me tell you Dr Bray is a specialist for the job. Surgical precision, accuracy in results, and thorough diagnostics. This is the right man for the job. No wet noses here. He is the Navy Seal of therapists. Give him a call to get the job done RIGHT the first time!"

-CAPT. J. S. C

-Fort Knox KY

I have had back pain for over 25 years and tried everything under the sun. Some of it worked ok til I came and saw Dr Bray after a close friend recommended him. WOW....even after the first treatment, I could see a difference. First time I ever tried dry needling and I am a true believer! Dr Bray and his staff were very polite and attentive and he really knows how to treat my symptoms! I decided to purchase a package so I could have ongoing treatment and save a few of the best decisions I have made in 2016. I even had neck surgery in 2015 and still had problems afterward until I started getting treatment. If you are in pain, go see them....he is a damn good doctor!"


-Louisville KY 

" I was diagnosed this year with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome(POTS) by the Cleveland Clinic. My husband happened to find Dr. Bray online and noticed that he helped to treat POTS and dysautonomia. I was shocked since my Louisville doctors referred me to Cleveland since they weren't familiar with the best way to treat my condition. I thought I would give him a shot since I was willing to do anything to help my hideous situation. I am so glad that I did ! He is knowledgeable about many different things and an absolute pleasure to speak with. His treatments have helped me tremendously with a variety of the issues that go along with POTS. He is one of the few people that I trust completely to give me good advice. He is very candid and sincere.He is willing to learn and will work with you to make you feel comfortable.I look forward to may appointments with him. Don't think twice about paying him a visit ! You will not be disappointed !"


-Louisville KY 

"As a physician, I never get tired of "Thank you for helping me, Doc!" I'm surprised that Dr. Bray's head isn't swollen from hearing this from his patients so often! I am one of those patients. Suffering from chronic sleep deprivation, i could not get to sleep or stay asleep because of several pains: calf cramps, lower back pain, lateral lower leg cramps, peripheral neuropathy, abdominal paresthesia, and thigh parethesia. All of these have been helped by Dr. Bray's magic wands (dry needling) to the point that I can sleep easily again - fantastic relief! He's very intelligent ( he has at least 7 degrees behind his name, I only have 5) and he keeps a great conversation going during therapy ( to distract from his therapy!). A deep, hearty laugh tells me he enjoys his work. Besides all this, two patients of mine suffering from long-term headaches found significant relief after just one session! I used to think of him as MY "Knight in Shining Armor" but now I consider him as "Merlin with his Magic Wands!" I thank God that He sent me to Dr. Bray..."Thank you for helping me Doc!"

- J.R.MD,

Louisville, KY

"I have the utmost respect for Dr Bray and his practice. He is the only one that has been able to provide me with relief from pain without medication (which so many others want to give you). I am active and due to pain have had to change my life. I had daily headaches and ended up on the couch lying on my side most nights because it hurt to sit up. I am now increasing my exercise and enjoying life again. For me a slow process due to years of abuse from sports and being the recipient of a few drivers that weren't paying attention but the progress is huge. I can move my neck and my back pain is improving, no headaches and I can look over my shoulder when driving. I haven't taken so much as a Tylenol in over 2 weeks! Thank you Dr Bray for helping me function again!"

- L.T.

Louisville, KY

"I was referred to Dr. Bray, by my personal trainer, for my lower back pain. I have not been disappointed by the level of care and professionalism shown to me. Dr. Bray takes the time to answer my many questions. I am overjoyed with the results I have seen in such a short period of time. I recommend him to my friends and family often."

-S. B.

                                                                                                                                -Louisville KY

"I had a premium experience, at Bluegrass Doctors of Physical Therapy. The customer service is out of this world. Staff were pleasant, enjoyable to work with, kind and accommodating. My doctor of physical therapy was attentive to my needs, was easily accessible, listened thoroughly and answered all my questions. From the service, results and friendliness of the staff, down to the excellent coffee in the waiting area, I wholeheartedly recommend this practice."

-S. W.

-Elizabethtown KY

"I found Dr Bray by complete happenstance. I was visiting a client of mine who happens to work in the same office complex and noticed Dr Brays office. I have to travel often for my business and have been plagued with ongoing neck pain and headaches. I decided to take a chance and drop in to hear his thoughts on my situation. I was delighted to be greeted by he himself when I walked in. Amazing customer service first off. We discussed my situation and after talking to him for a short while I decided to give his approach a shot. I was absolutely amazed at the relief I had after only 2 visits using his techniques. He is truly a master of his craft. I have seen many practitioners throughout the years and most helped me only in the short term. But as I write this (and I must admit it has been some time since he last saw me) I am still headache free. I only have occasional neck pain if I violate the guidance he has given me. I highly recommend seeing him and letting him do an evaluation. He is the most trustworthy practitioner I have ever met. I know that I get a 100% completely honest non biased opinion when I talk to him. He cares so much for my well being he occasionally checks in with me to see how I am doing. What doc does that these days!? Thanks for all you do Doc!"


-Indianapolis IN

"I have been seeing Dr. Bray for just over a month now, and have been very pleased with the care I receive. Dr. Bray is good at looking at the problem and figuring out ways to resolve it. I have had plantar fasciitis for 3/4 year. A friend told me Dr. Bray was the only person who was able to resolve her plantar fasciitis, so that is why I initially went to see him. He is very knowledgeable about the body, and has many techniques he uses to approach problems. For example, my ankles were tight, and he was able to make them more flexible, as they should be, which alleviated some of the pain in the plantar fascia. No one else thought of that. Dr. Bray has done several things to alleviate the plantar fasciitis and it is almost gone. Also, I was overzealous in doing yard work recently, and strained my lower back. He helped me heal it. The office is small and friendly, and the customer service is great. I plan to continue seeing Dr. Bray as I have problems arise. I will also see him for a tune-up periodically! He notices things that are slightly out of whack in my body and corrects them for me. I think this will help me remain active, as I get older."


-Louisville KY 

that I had trouble with my back. I was pretty hesitant to call him - my insurance is quite awful, and because of this, I have an extensive history with poor healthcare providers. I decided to call anyway, despite my apprehension, and I have not regretted that decision.

I played competitive volleyball for many years, to the point that I was being recruited to play in college. During my eighth grade year, I was practicing backwards rolls (a fancy way of getting up after diving after the volleyball), and I rolled over the wrong shoulder. I remembered feeling a slight pull in the base of my neck, but I didn't think much of it until I woke up the next morning unable to raise my arms. Because my family is of the mindset that injuries are best treated if they are put out of mind, I ignored the problem, and, over about a month, I regained mobility. However, I was unaware at the time of the lasting effect the injury would have on me.

Throughout the next several years, I developed large knots in both of my shoulders, to the point that they prevented my arms from having full range of motion. In addition, my neck injury never really went away, and I found that I could not tilt my head back. I started having intense headaches multiple times each week, and they got to the point that I could pinpoint the exact knot in my shoulder or neck that was causing the headache. I remember bribing my sister to take her elbows and dig at my shoulders in order to try to loosen up the knots.

The first time I went to see Dr. Bray, he was a bit surprised that I hadn't seen anyone for the injury in the past. I was a bit unsure about his dry needling technique, and I began to ask questions. I was impressed because Dr. Bray stopped what he was doing to explain exactly what was going on and exactly what he was doing and why it was going to help. He even went so far as to pull out a skeleton model so I knew precisely what he was doing. Because of my extensive history with poor physicians, I pried a little into his background, and, again, he took the time to reassure me that he knew exactly what he was doing, and he told me (at length) about several of the seminars and workshops he had attended.

I didn't know what to expect from the needling itself. To be completely blunt, I did not realize how uncomfortable the procedure can be. However, I realized about three days later that the benefit far outweighed the pain and discomfort. After one session, I could move my right arm with full range of motion and I could not feel any resistance. Over about a month, my headaches have decreased in frequency and severity, and, as a result, I am less anxious. When Dr. Bray needles the point in my neck that was injured, it frees up to the point that I can tilt my head all the way back.

As I continue to work with Dr. Bray, I bring up little things that bother me to see if there is something he can do about them. Every time, he has either been able to needle the problem, manually fix it, or give me advice on how to prevent the issue from reoccurring. I am so glad that I am able to work with Dr. Bray, because he has really improved my quality of life in a very short amount of time."


-Louisville KY

"When I first met Dr. Bray was after my car accidents and I had neck pain, shoulder pain. I wasn't able to turn my head. After Dr. Bray's evaluation of my CT scans it was decided that dry needling therapy was the best plan for me. After my treatment I am now able to move my neck and shoulder pain is gone. Just recently, I reached out to Dr Bray again for leg cramps and left hip pain. After 1 treatment for my leg cramps, they have dissipated 99%. Now as for my hip problem I have been to a pain clinic, taken pain medication and nothing worked. Everytime I started back exercising the pain would come back. I had another CT scan done and they couldn't find anything wrong and didn't have a solution for me. So I took my CT scan to Dr. Bray and he performed dry needling on my left hip which was very painful but within minutes I had relief from pain. The pain now is almost gone. So if it wasn't for Dr. Bray I would still be in pain. Dr. Bray takes the time to make sure you understand what he is going to do and explains this in detail as he is doing the procedure to put you at ease. I continue to tell others how he helped me when no one else knew what to do."


-Louisville KY

"I was referred to Dr Bray from a friend of mine after I suffered a fall last spring. I had subsequently underwent numerous (and enormously expensive ) tests and procedures, all to which had little to no change in my pain or my function. My hip hurt so bad sometimes I just laid in bed and cried. The very first day I met Dr Bray, he performed an amazingly thorough evaluation on me (I know this because I can honestly say I have been to 18 practitioners, MD's, DO',s PT's, Chiropractors', Reiki masters, Body work professionals...and on and on...many of which never looked at me or assessed my pain at all.) If I only would have come to Dr Bray sooner, I would have saved money and a lot of pain and heartache. After the evaluation he treated my hip with Laser treatment and dry needling. While the procedure was not pleasant, by the end of the day after my FIRST TREATMENT, I was PAIN FREE!!!!!! PAIN FREE! This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. I have since referred countless people to his office. I hope whoever reads this uses him FIRST before you go through so many medical personnel like I did that I could start my own small hospital."


-Louisville KY

"I have been dealing with a level 5 pain for a year or more. Dr Bray's work immediately dropped the pain level to a two. The interventions also eliminated the referral pain. Dr Bray has been informative about all issues involved in my treatment. He is informative, respectful, and kind. I have been in the health care field 30 plus years. I have never encountered any one better. I have referred my whole family and a number of others. I am deeply thankful for your work. Thank you"


-Louisville KY

"If I were to use just one word to describe my experience with Dr. Patrick Bray, it would have to be Trust. I trust that I am in excellent hands when I am in his care. He is constantly exploring the newest and best treatment techniques in his field. I believe he does this for two reasons, first of all is his total commitment to the care of his patients and secondly because he has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I have personally benefitted from his training in dry needling techniques. This method has brought me relief from pain that no other technique has. I couldn’t be happier now that he is a private practice owner."


Louisville KY

"I found out about Bluegrass DPT from a simple website search. Back in 2007 I was in a horrible car accident which left me with some lingering aches and pains that I just didn't think I could ever get rid of. I am so happy I kept looking for a therapist that would think outside the box. Hence I found Dr Bray. His caring nature is 100% apparent from the minute you meet him. His staff is absolutely the most pleasant people I have ever dealt with in the medical field. I can happily say I feel the best I have in years. Give this practice a try!!!"

-T. H.

-Bardstown KY 

"On October 11, 2015 I achieved one of my biggest goals to date: Completing Ironman Louisville. In the Ironman Athlete Guide on page 1, it states how the triathlon is an individual sport. I could not think of a more inaccurate description. It took a village to help get me across that line: teammates, coaches, family, my boyfriend, friends, my sports nutritionist, my massage therapist, and last but certainly not least, my physical therapist, Dr. Patrick Bray.

I have trained for and completed 4 marathons prior to my Ironman journey this year, which entailed my 5th marathon, (first Boston) and my second half ironman, before building to the big kahuna. Without routine dry needling and proper recovery from my workouts, I would not have been able to stay in one piece throughout my training. I broke down and decided to try dry needling after experiencing extreme IT band issues after the Boston Marathon. I was also currently dealing with posterior tibialis tendonitis, an entire other issue on that right ankle.

The science behind dry needling made total sense to me. I understood what it was doing to my body, due to having my degree in Exercise Science and having the anatomy background. I had tried foam rolling, stretching, strengthening exercises, massage, other PT exercises, but nothing had seemed to completely take away my issues. After seeing Dr. Bray 3-4 times, I noticed a night and day difference with my IT band! I could finally run again with no pain. I had to be patient, and start running just for 5 minutes, gradually increasing my time 2-5 minutes 1 x a week for my longer run as long as there was no pain. It was a miracle.

I continued to do dry needling once a week during my peak training for ironman. Dr. Bray’s extensive knowledge and expertise in his practice helped keep me injury free. He could find and release trigger points to prevent minor injuries from happening before they started. He gave me foam rolling instructions and exercises to do on my own, which I did diligently to complement his treatment. I am so thankful for his coaching and friendship throughout my journey. Any goal you want to achieve is almost never accomplished alone. If you are dealing with a musculoskeletal injury and need treatment, Dr. Bray of Bluegrass DPT is your man. His experience, knowledge, care, and encouragement will help you get back to full strength and reach your goal! I could not have become an Ironman without him. I will continue to use his services, because my endurance racing days are far from over!"

-C.G. Louisville KY 

"I began seeing Dr. Bray about 9 months ago. I have had 12 orthopedic procedures beginning at age 14, ranging from head to toe. Chronic pain was just something I had learned to tolerate. I have enjoyed an active lifestyle, playing golf, riding motorcycles, camping, hiking, etc. My wife and I are “semi-retired” and have looked forward to becoming even more active now that we have the time and means to do so.

Then, in March, while walking in Savannah, my “good knee” suddenly went bad. One bad leg I could deal with, but both?! My quality of life took a drastic turn for the worst. I was told by surgeons that total knee replacements were my best option. While I accept this as my ultimate solution, I needed more time. Enter Dr. Bray. A friend of mine introduced me to dry needling.

After my first treatment, I noticed an increase in flexibility, stability, and a decrease in pain. After my 3rd visit, I had my life back. I have played more golf (and better gold) than I have in years. My wife and I have taken several long road trips on the bike. I can keep up with yard work and most importantly, I am sleeping MUCH BETTER as I’m no awake all night in pain.

Dr. Bray is passionate and devoted to his craft. This treatment is a bit controversial in mainstream medicine because it works!!!

A word of caution however. It can be an extremely uncomfortable treatment. I am a 56 year old practicing psychologist. My advice? If you crave sympathy, like complaining and using chronic (and acute) pain as an excuse, DON’T GO!! If you’re tired of pills, ointments, braces, and insomnia and irritability and want to enjoy an active quality of life, By ALL MEANS, TRY THIS!!!!"

-J.B. Richmond KY

"Dr. Bray is a miracle worker! I saw him for hip pain that prevented me from running & was beginning to interfere with my normal physical activity. After a thorough & thoughtful exam, Dr. Bray began a series of dry needling treatments. He was incredibly accommodating in scheduling appointments, & made me feel as if I was his only patient. He has a very warm & compassionate personality that made me feel completely comfortable. I also appreciated that he didn’t waste time on exercises that I could do on my own or on unnecessary treatment. While I miss seeing him on a regular basis, I am so grateful that I feel better & no longer need to see him. I appreciate knowing that if I ever have another issue, I can immediately contact him. Whenever a friend or colleague mentions that they have any kind of pain, I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Bray."


-Louisville KY

"I have been called “unrefined” in the past (and rarely write these things). However I thought I needed to write a testimonial for this gentleman. I have (unfortunately) been around the medical scene a lot these past few years for multiple ailments and what not.Most people I have seen either really don’t care about you, or act like they listen and then do whatever their “plan” was anyway. I heard about Doc from a good friend of mine. I decided to take a shot and see what this stuff was all about. Let me tell you first off, Doc Bray has a personality. For someone in the medical community not only is this rare but its pretty refreshing to know that there is life in our medical world after all. Makes healing that much easier. Now, 4 visits later and I am better than I have been in years! Hell, even if I wasn’t to the point I am, I would still go see him because I value his advice and his knowledge….ohh and guess what he ACTUALLY LISTENS. What a pleasure to have worked with you Doc".


-Louisville KY

"I have had back pain for over 15 years, I have done all types of therapy for the pain but nothing seemed to help as much as Dr. Bray has with his unique manual and dry needling approach. I can now workout without pain and enjoy fitness again!"

A. N.

-Louisville KY

"Dr. Bray has done wonders for me! I had several orthopedic issues that had failed conventional therapy. Through his innovative, evidence-based techniques I've been pain-free. He did such an outstanding job for me that I referred my son. Dr. Bray's warm and caring personality will put you at ease the moment you meet him. I recommend him without hesitation."

-C. E. M-L, MD

-Louisville KY

"As a chiropractic physician, I will be the first one to admit, there can be quite the animosity toward the rehab world and vice versa. This experience has broken some of the barriers in my mind toward that animosity. I met Dr. Bray through a friend of mine he had treated successfully in 2 visits, when for years, I was unsuccessful in making lasting changes in his pain. When I experienced a bout of low back pain myself, that would not resolve despite conventional chiropractic, I gave Dr Bray a try. I was amazed at the results. I have to admit, while his techniques, and treatment approaches are “unique”, I am now a true believer. I have not had back pain since the initial visit. I have since referred some of my more complex and problematic patients to his office and have heard nothing but positive things about their experience as well. Patrick truly is a Physical Therapy Physician and he has earned the respect of some of the most highly critical people in healthcare….namely me. I would recommend him to anyone who has been dissatisfied with traditional physical therapy care and desires the absolute best in treatment as well as an excellent bedside manner. Thanks again for all the work you did with me!"

-XX, DC Louisville KY  

"Dr. Bray is great! I had suffered from foot pain for one year. I had had one dry needling treatment and the pain was gone!!! I can walk with out shoes again!!! There are no sharp pains waking me up at night!! Dr. Bray explained everything to me layman's terms. He does a very thorough exam before starting the treatment. I cannot say enough about him. Thank you very much Dr Bray!"

-BH, Louisville KY 

"My son has been suffering with debilitating shin splints for two years. He has spent countless hours doing PT and excruciating scraping of the shins, with no relief. After much research, I found Dr. Bray and his dry needling method. We figured it was worth a shot. He has a wonderful bedside manner and is very flexible with scheduling appointments! And after only 2 treatments, my son is pain free! For the first time in two years, he did not have to ice his shins when he returned from practice or a game. He is now able to be a competitive athlete, even being selected to the All-State Team this season. We are grateful for Dr. Bray's expertise and give him our highest recommendation."

-JHM, Louisville KY

"I wanted to write this testimonial to all people who might be thinking of seeing Dr. Bray. If you have ever been on the fence about taking a chance on your health, take the chance with this guy. HES AMAZING!

I just have to tell you how good I feel. I can't ever remember feeling this way. Dr Bray’s approach to healing is definitely not your “mainstream” approach but it has sure paid off. I used to have such sensitivity in my feet that my bed sheets hurt my foot and would make it unbearable to sleep. After 2 treatments…yes only 2… The sheets of the bed don't bother me, my whole foot doesn't ache as much, my shoulder (which has been a plague for the longest time) is now wonderful, and like he told me, when these areas aren't a constant source of discomfort, my whole body feels better. Two treatments and I feel this good!!! Where have you been? You're a lifesaver, Dr. Bray...a lifesaver.

Thank you!!"

-PF Louisville KY 

"Dr. Bray’s enthusiasm, passion and obvious commitment to patient success is phenomenal. He naturally connects with his patients, and immediately made me feel at home from the very first moment I arrived in his office. He not only makes me laugh (and isn’t laughter really the best medicine?) but I almost feel as if I am his only patient and that he has all the time in the world to listen to and treat me. It is so refreshing in this day and age of such widespread doctor-patient disconnectedness that he understands that being compassionate is just as important as being knowledgeable. In addition, I truly appreciate the way he educates his patients in order that we may become more empowered about our health. I am continually amazed at his dry needling skills and how effective it has been at eliminating my hip pain. The world needs more doctors like Dr. Bray!!"

-SH, Louisville KY

"I have suffered from intermittent back pain for several years and have never been able to find a treatment or therapy that gives me long term relief until I met Patrick. After one dry needling session, my back has been 100% better! I have been able to do everything I want in the gym with no pain. Patrick is an extremely competent, knowledgeable, and caring therapist who I would recommend to anyone and everyone! I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have found him."

-LC, Louisville KY

"I appreciate Patrick's style. He is easy going and takes time to answer all my 'why' questions in a way an ordinary person can understand. I'm fortunate I found him!"

-PC, Louisville KY

"Most Saturday's would have me taking pain pills and staying in bed all day. My poor kids think that is normal, not anymore! I'm up and have been out of the house already!!! I'm actually looking forward to straightening the house, wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas. I have to be careful not to over do it and I am still sore, but the fact that I can do anything at all is amazing to me. Thank you for giving me and my family my life back!!!"

With gratitude,

-LM, Louisville KY

"Patrick has treated me for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions from post operative rehabilitation to chronic headaches/neck pain that I’ve suffered with for over 30 years. The dry needling and manual techniques he uses have greatly improved my range of motion, functional mobility and most importantly, relieved my pain. Patrick takes a holistic approach in his care of me, looking for the underlying causes of my pain, not just treating the symptoms. I continue to be amazed by his extensive knowledge, compassion and professionalism. Dr Bray truly provides a level of care that is unsurpassed!"

-VG, Louisville KY

"At nineteen I could barely walk down a set of stairs or lift a milk jug due to wide-spread muscular pain that seemed to have no apparent 'cause,' according to a variety of physicians. At twenty, I was still struggling with intermittent memory blackouts and increasing pain. Patrick offered me the first spark of hope that I'd known in many years. He is widely knowledgeable, confident, adaptable, and exceptionally attentive to the needs of his patients. He is not reluctant to explain any process nor is he limited by the "one-track" approach that blinds many others. I can now run, jump, dance, play, and take full advantage of the years to come. More than just another doctor on the list, Patrick has become a dear friend who is truly focused on improving the lives of his patients as well as bringing them the most comfortable and adaptable physical therapy services possible!"

-PN, Louisville KY

"I’ve spent years fading in and out of an overpowering brain-fog and enslaved to headaches. Life was a concept that happened in the brief periods of respite. As an intelligent person, I attempted pursuing a college degree, but found that by the time I walked across campus I no longer had the energy to focus in class. I was in constant chronic wide-spread pain that seemed to have no origin and despite adequate sleep and copious amounts of coffee, I never gained a single inch in the war against my oppressing exhaustion. Young, my various specialized doctors decided that I was creating this problem for myself. Hopeless and searching for suggestions, I was recommended to go see Patrick under the insistence that regaining mobility would clear some of the fog from my mind. As it turns out, he has been the single most influential factor in my recovery. Patrick thinks outside of healthcare’s tediously constructed box by empowering his patients with knowledge, attention, and kindness. His methods focus on working with his patients, suggesting multiple avenues of approach, including things the patient can do on their own, and adapting his strategies specifically for each individual. After four years of increasingly limited mobility, I once again have the ability to take control of my lifestyle and reassess goals that I had previously deemed unattainable. "

- HT, Louisville, KY

"Patrick is a gifted physical therapist who genuinely cares about people. I have yet to ask him a question that he couldn't immediately explain at length. The depth of his knowledge always amazes me. While my situation is a bit of a challenge, he doesn't give up, but rather looks for new ways to keep me pain-free as possible. And he keeps me laughing as we go along! It would be hard to find another physical therapist with all of Patrick's positive attributes. I'm not even going to try!"

-MDH, Louisville KY

"I will continue to return to Patrick wherever he may be. You want the best in a physical therapist and Patrick is just that....the BEST!"

- CJ, Louisville, KY

"I have had headaches for years and been to many different physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors and only had short term relief at best. Patrick was able to get to the source of my pain and cure my headaches. Four months headache fee and going strong! Thank you Dr. Bray!"

- JG, Louisville, KY

"Patrick was the first physical therapist I have ever had that actually listened to my problems, diagnosed my injury and corrected my neck pain and headaches in just two visits. I trust no other for my physical therapy care!"

-BK, Louisville, KY

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