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Bluegrass Doctors of

Physical Therapy, PLLC

Nasal Release Technique 

The nasal release technique has many other names, such as bilateral nasal specific, nasal ballooning, cranial facial release, endonasal technique, and neurocranial restructuring. A small balloon attached to a bulb is inserted into the nasal turbinates and quickly inflated and deflated. It's done eight times – both lower, middle, and upper turbinates, and then the lower turbinates again. Each time the balloon is inflated it puts pressure on different cranial bones, creating space and allowing slight movement in the cranium, which can help many conditions.

What our Patients Say:

"I have been a patient of Dr Bray's for quite some time. Nasal Release Technique has helped me with sinus pressure and headaches in a way I never thought possible. He is the top practitioner for cutting edge non surgical treatments to the head and neck!"

J. D. -Louisville KY