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MediDynamic PhysioTherapeutics.

MediDynamic PhysioTherapeutics Helps Put The Pieces Together!

What is MediDynamic Physiotherapeutics?

MediDynamic PhysioTherapeutics is a multi focal Program created by Dr Patrick Bray that addresses the many dimensions of chronic pain and dysfunctional central nervous systems. Each individuals unique presentation demonstrates the need for a multifaceted treatment approach that takes into account all levels of physiology. From micronutrient profiling to dysfunctional gross motor skills and posturing.

Utilization of the MediDynamic protocol Each patient will have a truly individualized Physiotherapeutic intervention set uniquely tailored and dynamically implemented to address their clinical presentation. These interventions can include but not limited to, invasive and non invasive techniques, manipulative intervention, prescriptive exercise initiation, postural retraining, neuromuscular re-education and laser therapies. With this approach we now can truly offer an alternative option for patients experiencing chronic muscle and nerve disease.