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Bluegrass Doctors of

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Cupping our way to victory?

Posted on August 8, 2016 at 8:00 PM

If you have watched any of the Olympics as of late, the big buzz is Michael Phelps Circular bruises. Almost covered more intensly than the events themselves. He undergoes a procedure called Cupping. Cupping has been around for centuries. Used in various cultures around the world it is thought to improve blood flow (reducing stagnation), improve Chi, (energy) and liberate toxins from an area that is haing pain or dysfunction. There are many ways to utilize myofascial cups to aid in pain reduction and to improve tissue texture. We can lengthen fascia, and improve flexibility as well as reduce pain. The mechanisms that are truly happening are a bit ore enigmatic but are thought to involve actually causing a localized inflammatory response to allow a chronic injury to heal appropriately and thus pain can be alleviated. 

However, one does not have to come out looking like he/she had a hot date with an octopus to get benefit from this technque. At Bluegrass Doctors of PT we utilize cupping techniques that most often do NOT leave bruises. Unlike Dry Needling this technique is non invasive, completely safe with relatively no contraindications. It is a wonderful adjunctive therapy, to needling, Laser therapy, manipulation and exercises. It however, in my opinion is not a stand alone technique.

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Categories: Dry Needling, Manual Therapy, Pain Relief