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Posted on February 23, 2016 at 11:40 AM

For any years we have thought anatomy as a completed science. Aparrently NOT! Researchers have found a new muscle! 


Introducing The Tensor Vastus Intermedius!

Introducing a new muscle almost as elusive as the legendary Bigfoot. In 2014 it was the anterolateral ligament this year it is the tensor vastus intermedius I wonder what will come next!


This is a New Muscle.

A research paper release in the Journal Clinical Anatomy details a newly described muscle as part of the quadriceps. This muscle lies between the vastus lateralis and the vastus intermedius, and is named the tensor vastus intermedius.


Found on All 26 Bodies

Researchers were able to identify this muscles on all 26 of the cadavers in the study; it was also determined that the tensor vastus intermedius is supplied by independent muscular and vascular branches of the femoral nerve and lateral circumflex femoral artery.


What are the Implications?

As an anatomy nerd this new scientific discovery caught my eye. Even though the implications for therapists will likely be minimal due to the relative size of the muscle. This new discovery serves as a reminder that our knowledge of the human form and function is constantly evolving.

Categories: Trigger Point, Manual Therapy, Knee Pain Relief