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Information for all New Year revolutionists!

Posted on January 3, 2016 at 8:10 AM

Just a quick blog to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and of course a HEALTHY NEW YEAR! 2015 was such a roller coaster eh? 

I wanted to just drop a thought and let all my New Year Resolutionist in a small tidbit before they go running a marathon or joining the crossfit gym across the street. Just remember to begin slow and methodically increase your intensity over time. Often times we go "gung ho" into something new because...well...its NEW and its EXCITING. But we often end up with injuries as a result. I am always here if that happens, however an ouce of prevention is TOTALLY worth a POUND of cure. 

If anyone who reads this wishes to have a consult PRIOR to starting a fitness regimen please don't heistate to contact us. I will even give you 10% off the price if you mention this article! 

Heres to a New Year and a Heathier YOU! 

Categories: Pain Relief, Manual Therapy, Laser Therapy